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If you are a Senior and are thinking of downsizing your current home and need to “spruce” it up a little – maybe this information will come in handy.  Maybe you aren’t – and you are not – but you could still use a little “Spring cleaning” – check this out!

            A little vinegar cuts the grease in your dishwater.

            ½ cup of vinegar in your dishwasher rinse cycle keeps it clean and fresh.

            Equal parts of vinegar and water will clean a teakettle (I know some of you drink tea!)

            Pour undiluted vinegar in toilet bowl to deodorize and keep it clean.

            Clean freshly dried paint off windows with a vinegar solution.

            Prevent mildew and kill mildew fungus in refrigerator by wiping it down with vinegar.

            Clean copper pots with salt and vinegar mixture.

 Amazing – what you can do with a little ingenuity and a bottle of vinegar!  Enjoy!

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