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Changing Market

What is going on in the Real Estate Market on the Peninsula?  How does it affect Seniors?  WOW!  The market, it is a changing – and people in Newport News, Hampton, Yorktown and Poquoson, are taking notice.

On the Peninsula, the buyer’s market seems to be fading – and it is becoming more balanced – time to “try again” to sell your home.  So many folks were unsuccessful in the past six months to sell for whatever reason they had in mind.  But it is time to not only test the waters, but jump in feet first!

If downsizing is on your mind, there are two things to remember – and the concept is VERY simple:

1.  Price your home right!

2.  Position your home in the marketplace to sell!

But – Oh My – that is really the same thing said two different ways.  If you price your home correctly, you will position it in the marketplace to sell amidst all the others ~ to sell quickly and at a good price.

If you have questions about how to position your home in Newport News, Hampton, Yorktown or Poquoson to sell ~ you know who to call…..the Senior Straight Talk people – Vic and Diana Rondinelli – 757 879-3203!  Experts for Seniors on the Peninsula!

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