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Small World!

A new reason to buy McDonald’s french fries……I was following a van through the drive-thru the other day – and noticed stickers on the back window of the car in front of me announcing “Scentsy Candles”. I had no idea what they were – so I wrote down the ladies’ info and gave her a call. Jaime stopped by my office a few days later with the candles – and I was really impressed! They have wonderful fragrances and burn with a small light bulb in the bottom – no flame at all! There are table or counter top models and even one that plugs in like a night light. You just have to give them a try! The website is

The story continues….

Today was Madilynn’s birthday – my granddaughter turned six. One of her little friends was there with her parents. I had met Julie and Nathan (an Air Force couple) many times before at other get-togethers. But today, after remembering that Jaime’s husband was at Langley, I asked Julie if they knew each other – and believe it or not, their husband’s work together at Langley. SMALL WORLD…..So – see a great reason to eat fast food! You meet all kinds of new people!

Check out the candles! The make a great gift!

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